A/B Looper Project

Here are some pics from a switch I built last weekend. It’s not your standard looper so it took me a bit to figure exactly how it needed to be wired. Overall, it wasn’t very difficult and my only other DIY experience is a single BYOC build.

Here’s how it works. The switch on the top is a standard loop for my modulation pedals. The one on the lower left is a loop for my dirt channel. The one on the lower right is a bit different, it goes directly to my high gain effects into the second channel of my Twin Reverb. It bypasses the modulation effects; it’s essentially an A/B. I like being able to switch from a phased/flanged/dirt tone to my distortion with a single stomp. I only use delay with my high gain so I do run an additional DE-7, but it works out nicely.

Here’s the template I taped to the enclosure to make sure my layout would fit and that I drilled the holes correctly.

I laid the components out to make sure the template was accurate.

I drilled pilot holes with a tiny bit first, then used the larger bits to finish off.

Here’s how it looks inside. I’m not too happy with the huge solder point where all the resistors meet, but I couldn’t think of any better way to lay it out.

The finished product (actually this was taken before I added the LEDs ).


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