Vacation Rules

I got to do many projects during my week off. I built some pedals. I finished an MKII and Phase 90 clone, the Tri-Boost and Large Beaver are next in line. Unfortunately I started experimenting with “swirling” colors and while I had fun doing it, the enclosures look like ass now. Though my soldering skills have improved greatly.

I also tried out some new pedals and simplified my board. I gave up on having separate clean/dirt sounds because I like the happy medium of the zVex Box of Rock. I removed the muff clone I built in place of the OCD. I was never able to get a sound out of a fuzz/distortion box that I liked live and recorded, but the OCD has filled that void. Unfortunately mine came with a broken footswitch so it’s always on. Not a problem with my looper, but I intend to send it back to Fulltone for warranty service soon. I also added the Deluxe Memory Man and it sounds beautiful. I leave it set with a hint of chorus which I usually hate as a separate effect.

I tried out some new pickups. I settled on the stock 490r and a Seth Lover neck after trying out a P94r, Pro Alnico II bridge, and a Seth Lover bridge. My SG is fucking awesome. I found it on Craigslist for pretty cheap. After a cleanup, an intonation, and a neck pickup swap, it plays so much better than anything else I’ve ever owned. It’s very comfortable to play standing up and feels more like an anatomical extension of me than it does a piece of wood strapped over my shoulder.

I also shielded the pickup cavity and pickguard with foil tape. It made no perceivable difference, but that could be because I’m not using single coils.

I wrote a new song that Damian has already created lyrics for, “Glacial Ruins”, and I got to lay a bunch of guitar tracks down for the songs we’re working on. We’re very close to getting final mixes on 2-3 songs which is great progress. I bought recording gear and mics back in Fall 06, and we’ve been recording on/off since then. Nothing has stuck until recently, but I’ve learned much Cubase in the process.

We have also decided on a band name, Mandarax, (a Vonnegut reference). I setup the mandatory myspace page and will post some songs when they get mixed down in the next few weeks.

I wish I was retired.


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