Linux @ Brown

Since starting at Brown, I’ve been tasked with putting together customized version of CentOS and Fedora for the university. On it’s surface it’s pretty straight forward, customize some config files to setup stuff like wireless keys, point yum to the Brown repositories, and create packages for all the commercial software that Brown distributes on campus. But I’m finding out that creating and maintaining RPM is pretty involved, especially with multiple architectures. I can’t seem to build x86_64 RPM’s on an i386 system, even with the “–target” option, but you should be able to. Plus the builds are taking about 30 minutes + to complete for the Matlab package I’m working on now, so the trial and error method is eating up alot of time. I resorted to ordering an $80 used book that is no longer in print, the Redhat RPM Guide. I’m hoping it outlines some ideas for getting a system in place to efficiently manage package updates and multiple architectures.

Linux @ Duke is what we’re modelling the project after, and they’ve got extremely helpful stuff there, like nosrc RPMs.

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