Ubuntu 0810 is teh win



I installed Ubuntu 0810 tonight at home and I’m suprised at how much more solid it is compared to the latest release of Fedora (10). After running F10 for about a month now I am thouroughly fed up with stuff not working right and the slow, clunky UI feel. In F10 I had to disable the Compiz effects because they didn’t work right and just didn’t feel well integrated. Ubuntu had the effects enabled by default once I selected the restricted Nvidia drivers, and it really feels like the desktop was designed with those effects in mind. They are subtle and well thought out. Also, my sound just works; F10 had me jumping through hoops to get my ALC888 integrated sound working. And once I did most apps wouldn’t output any sound.

I installed Songbird RC3 and I’m having fun with it so far. The UI borrows heavily from iTunes, but it is improved. I am really looking forward to the 1.0 release and third party add-ons that will be available. I would be very happy if I could replace iTunes entirely, but iPhone support is non-existent due to the new encryption Apple is using. I’m not sure how iTunes + Wine works with the iPhone but I may give it a try.


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