Virt-Manager w/ KVM in Fedora 10

I was trying to set up a KVM virtual machine in virt-manager today and ran into a little problem. One which was embarrassingly easy to fix, but took some help in #fedora to resolve. After I input all the data for a new KVM image, I got this message as it tried to build it

Unable to complete install: ‘unknown OS type xen’

This was a strange message since I wasn’t using or creating a xen image. After investigating a bit more, I found the fields in this window should not be greyed out:


It turns out that since I just installed the kvm packages through yum, the libvirtd service needed to be restarted.

modprobe kvm-intel

service libvirtd restart

That was it. An even simpler solution would have been to just reboot!

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